Trader's Council

The Trader's Council is a group of 19 representatives who manage the day to day business of Kras. While the island is technically ruled by the Order of the Seal, they barely interact with the city.

It is made up of a varying number of representatives from important groups. Each group has a seniority governed by how long they have held that post (e.g. 3rd of the Artisans). The groups are:

  • 9 members from the Traders – they manage all glowstone trading with the outside world
  • 3 members from the Crafters – they take raw glowstone and turn it into a saleable material
  • 2 of the Trade Captains – they travel between the islands and along the trade routes
  • 1 member from the Harvesters – they find and harvest glowstone
  • The captain of the City Guard
  • The admiral of the Navy
  • 1 member of the artisans – they make all the other good in the city
  • 1 member of the citizenry

The council is led by the Trader Elect. This has always been the previous first of the Traders, and is currently the previous first of the Traders Content Not Found: trader-elect

When the Trader Elect is unable to perform their duties anymore, the council elects a new Trader Elect via a simple majority. The vote has never been close.

The Traders run the council, they are by far the most powerful block and vote together in almost all matters.

Trader's Council

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